IBA Members Getting Intel


The Independent Broadcasters Association has announced a partnership with dk east associates, a media specialty accounting firm, to conduct a financial analysis of independent broadcaster operations. Participation in the financial report is free but stations must be a member of the IBA by October 31 to participate.

IBA Founder Ron Stone said there will finally be intelligence that independent broadcasters can use to properly measure performance. ” We see a lot of information about the industry, but typically it only speaks to larger public companies and it is difficult to use it in a meaningful way for local operations. The IBA was formed to bring shared resources like this to independent broadcasters, along with revenue-generation and cost-saving opportunities.”

The IBA-dk east associates report will allow participating IBA members to compare and contrast their operations to others of similar size. It also will provide data against 2019 by quarter to allow members to gauge their own performance against similar operations during the Covid-19 crisis. Headcount figures will reflect changes from 2019 to reveal how independent operators are weathering the storm from a human resource perspective. In addition, intelligence on Q4 and 2021 will be gathered to determine how independents are feeling about the immediate future.


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