Savage Attacks Rush on Twitter


Not long after Rush gave his listeners a health update, Michael Savage went on Twitter to criticize radio’s most listened to talk show host for doing so. Savage tweeted that Rush was ‘crying about his cancer,” and it was the worst ’15 minutes in radio history.’ See the tweet below and GO HERE to see how people are reacting to Savage’s post.


  1. Well, Michael Savage, you are truly living up to your name. That was brutal treating Rush like that. I hope and pray you stay well and never have to go through something like cancer. No more! Boycott in place now! God Bless Rush Limbaugh!!❤️✝️🙏🏼

  2. Damn, I’m done with Savage now too.
    Listened for years, but just couldn’t bring my myself to anymore now.
    Jealous, petty, awful.
    Rush has given me more than I could ever have imagined, and no one else will even come close.

  3. Rush runs rings around Michael Savage. Sounds like he’s jealous of Rush. God Bless Rush Limbaugh. I hope Savage’s listeners boycott him. What ever happened to decency? He could have said nothing. But he has gotten a lot of attention out of this. I will never listen to him again.

  4. In the late 1980s, I heard this guy on the radio — and he was funny and entertaining. Rush. For a few years, he was quite interesting. Around 1993 or 1994, his show jumped the shark for me when he went all-in for politics and making his mark. Years later, on Sirius radio I discovered TYT. Same thing happened. They were interesting and funny, then they went all-in for being partisan. I can’t imagine people listening to the same broken records over and over again. But, it seems they do. PT Barnum was right. Must say, that one would expect a person to retire at a certain point, especially if they receive a certain health sentence. But there are some people for whom their life is their job and vice-versa. Rush is that person. His ‘friends’ are his listeners. And he will stay behind the mic until he finally rests there. It’s okay. That is his choice. For someone who stirs the muck for a few hours a day on a daily basis for years, we can expect that there will be muddy water around anything related. It is the nature of talk radio.

  5. I’ve enjoyed both shows for years. I’m really disappointed in Savage. What a vile, disgusting, petty comment from a jealous inferior competitor…I won’t be buying his podcast and am done tuning in. Screw you, you petty little man

  6. I like both shows… BUT Rush and the other conservitive never came to Savage’s aid when he was banned from England, and tossed of the air (for a little time). I can see why Savage is bitter

    • You have no idea if he came to his aid. Rush does many things on the side without announcing it on air. I’ve learned the hard way not to ever say what people have or have not done.

  7. Savage is divorced from himself. I was a listener at one time but became weary of hearing about his degree ‘intelligence’, his ‘knowledge’ about everything, his self-aggrandizing.
    Savage has alot of head knowledge and he disqualifies anyone who doesn’t have a college degree or who is not inside a book 24/7. But he is ignorant on matters of the Heart and Spirit.
    Savage is a wolf who wants to be at the top even if it means taking out the team to get there.
    Rush, forgive Savage because he doesn’t know who he is.

  8. I am surprised at Savage. I listen to him off and on. When he came back on the air after he had his heart attack, he told us how he was praying and thinking he did not want to die. Very tasteless of him I think Rush will know when he to hand over the reins.

  9. In preparing a lecture on talk radio, I discovered that Michael Savage nee Michael Alan Weiner holds advanced degrees in nutrition. One wishes he had used his skills in this area to help people, rather than indulging in the mud slinging and negativity that typifies much of talk radio in 2020.

  10. A vile and despicable life form (Limbaugh) meets an evil viler and more despicable life form, Savage. The irony here is amazing. And Savage gets what he intended for here — his 5 minutes of “fame.” Welcome to the world of right wing toxicity.

    • How do you substantiate your extraordinary claim that Limbaugh is “a vile and despicable life form”? That’s a little over the top, no? He’s an entertainer and political commentator. In a 30+ year career of creating three hours of radio a day, has he misspoken? Sure. Has he made some mistakes? Sure. But “a vile a despicable life form”? Come on, Roy, get real! Maybe save the vitriolic hyperbole for people who actually murder, rape, and pillage.

      Limbaugh is an absolute master of his craft, who effectively created the whole category. He will be remembered a generation from now, in a way most every other current radio personality will not (except for maybe Stern).

    • The irony of the totalitarian minded leftist who calls himself “liberal” spewing hatred at anyone with whom he disagrees.

  11. Savage has the perfect last name…in the most disgusting of ways.

    His criticism of Limbaugh’s discussion of his cancer shows what a soulless and depraved creep Michael Savage is. Savage is an evil individual.


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