Station Steps Up To Feed Truckers


KIOK-FM, 94.9 “The Wolf”, Kennewick, Washington, has teamed up to feed truckers hauling much needed supplies during the crisis. Truckers Lunchables is supplying truck drivers across the state of Washington with Free lunch, Monday, Wednesday and Friday until the restaurant ban is lifted.

The Stephens Media Group station along with the Washington Trucking Association and the Gregory Drilling Company is serving up Don Taco tacos at a weigh station near the Washington/Oregon Border. Listeners can donate to Truckers Lunchable as a way to say thank you to the drivers that continue to work during these tough times.

Morning show co-host Jen Little told WTOV-9 that the big rigs are too big to fit through drive-throughs so that is why they started the effort. “Right now they are what’s keeping our society going keeping food on our shelves, gas in our tanks you name it they are bringing it to us.”


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