Are People Still Mad at The Dixie Chicks?


Remember way back when in 2003 when Natalie Maines said, “We’re ashamed the president of the United States is from Texas,” when referring to George W. Bush and his decision to invade Iraq. That language would be considered tame in today’s mean tweet-as-fast-as-you-can political atmosphere.

Did you know The Dixie Chicks sing backup on Taylor Swift’s new song “Soon You’ll Get Better?” According to Rolling Stone there are still people out there holding a grudge with the Dixie Chicks. KKBQ’s Johnny Chiang is not one of those people.

While Swift is more pop than she is Country these days, Chiang tells the magazine he doesn’t care. “It’s a great song. If Taylor was still in country, we would have 100 stations adding it out of the box. So I don’t care that the song is not being worked to country.” KKBQ is Cox Media Group’s Houston Country powerhouse. Chiang says people have long memories. “After just four plays of the song, we had several complaints from listeners. They weren’t complaining about the song — they were complaining about the Dixie Chicks.”

Chiang tells Rolling Stone you can’t even tell the Dixie Chicks are on the song. “The backing vocals are so benign you can barely hear them.” But when his DJs identified the singers, listeners were still angry enough to pick up the phone.” He says his goal is to get the song charted even if nobody else in country music is working it.

Read the full Rolling Stone article HERE.


  1. From here:
    I guess that “Freedom of Speech”-thingy is just another subjective, sometimes-maybe-depends concept…. complete with reactionary consequences.
    Good thing they only criticized Bush for Iraq, and didn’t go after Jesus.
    That would have got them yelled at and blowed up – real good.

  2. Yes, I’m still mad at them. Will not listen to them on the radio and will switch to a different station when they come on the air. My choice.


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