Sean “Mr. Influential” Hannity


As if making the Forbes list of highest-paid hosts wasn’t enough, Mediaite has named Sean Hannity the most influential figure in the news media. Hannity, who’s heard on 600 stations across the country reaching 18 million listeners every month, is known to be a good friend of President Trump and have his ear. Mediaite highlighted Hannity’s status as a “veritable media empire in and of himself.”


  1. But I also forget that, as Don Corleone says – with a wadd of toilet paper between his cheek and gums, “Ids bizness,”
    This is, of course, the highest on the list of radio’s generally low priorities. And it shows.

    • Agree 100%.
      Not only are they all toxic, racist, sexist, and divisive…they are all a cancer to the growth of radio.
      There is not 1 millenial in this country that would spend one second listening to any one of these neanderthals.


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