Who Are The Highest-Paid Radio Hosts?


Everyone loves a list, especially when it involves taking a peek at someone else’s salary. Forbes is out with its annual list of radio’s highest paid-hosts. Combined, the top five, all men, made nearly $300 million. The King-of-All-Media is still number one.

Howard Stern made $90 million in 2018, according to Forbes. Stern was followed by the most-listened-to talk show host Rush Limbaugh who the magazine says took in $84.5 million.

America’s most-listened-to radio host reaches a monthly audience of 25 million on more than 650 stations. In the fourth decade of his career, Limbaugh released his first mobile app in January, giving a subscription boost to his digital platform Rush 24/7.

Ryan Seacrest came in third on the list with an estimated salary of $74 million. He was followed by Sean Hannity at $36 million and Glenn Beck at $8.5 million

Forbes says the numbers are estimates from June 1, 2017, through June 1, 2018. Figures are pretax; fees for agents, managers and lawyers are not deducted. Earnings estimates are based on data from Pollstar Pro, as well as interviews with industry insiders.


  1. From here:
    Does it not occur to “Hugh” that, like himself, Howard’s audience might have the smarts to make some important distinctions – unlike the Rush, Hannity, Beck et al gang of Psycho-fanatic listeners that are slobbering into puddles of paranoid and conspiratorial drool?

  2. I remember WAY BACK IN THE DAY when Howard Stern used to steer clear of politics, knowing full well routinely bashing one party or the other would split large segments of his listeners into those that would no longer listen. Stern fans want to be entertained, not routinely “challenged” or angered by political discourse. I guess Howard has finally forgotten what got him to the top–THE BASICS OF GOOD RADIO.

  3. And someone needs to make a quick correction – Because it’s take a “peek” not “peak”. unless of course they’re mountain climbing. LOL

  4. Howard still paid the most for reaching the least amount of people on the most. Rush reaches 25 million. Sirius only has 30 million subs.

    • And his iron-clad contract has A LOT to do with why SiriusXM will go the way of the Edsel. The math just doesn’t add up.


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