Nielson Details 2019 Continuous Diary Measurement Launch


More than 200 small to medium markets will benefit from monthly reporting by Nielson Audio, as quarterly and twice-a-year diary reports are phased out. Further details of the changes, first revealed this fall, were the focus of a Thursday webinar hosted by Bill Rose, Sr. VP Local Product Leadership and Brad Kelly, Managing Director of Nielsen Audio.

The changes, to be implemented in phases beginning in mid-2019, will allow clients to react faster to market conditions and create more impactful schedules. “Quarterly or semi doesn’t cut it anymore,” said Kelly. “Big advertisers need fresher analytics to base buying decisions on.”

Nielson is embracing a consumer-centric strategy by shifting to continuous diary measurement because that’s what those spending the advertising dollars are interested in. “CMOs don’t care about audio or visual, the consumer is the center of the world,” said Kelly. “Media is just a means to an end, how consumers interact with media is just a facet to influence behavior.”

According to Rose, starting with the May/June/July 2019 report period, approximately 70 percent of radio ad spending will be reported monthly by Nielsen Audio.


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