Where is Kevin Klein?


Klein was scheduled to start hosting mornings on Entercom’s 97.3 The Game in San Diego Thursday morning. That didn’t happened and Entercom is not saying why, or if, that will ever happen.

Klein ignited a big controversy in San Diego when he sent out a tweet that included a picture of the Coronado bridge, followed by: “JUMP … to a new morning show.” Over 400 people have jumped to their death since the bridge was built, including 18 in 2017.

The tweet infuriated San Diego Padres executives (the station carries Padres games), who said they would re-evaluate their relationship with the station. Perhaps Entercom is re-evaluating its relationship with Klein.

Market manager Bob Bolinger and Entercom’s corporate PR office did not return our request for comment. The rumor in the market is that Klein’s show has been put on hold for now and it’s unclear when, or if, he will ever make it on the air.

Klein’s last tweet was Wednesday: “To all of the other radio shows who are spending this morning talking about us, you’re welcome. And thank you in advance for being so boring and unoriginal, that your audience will soon be all ours.”

Padres executives have said they want to get through their first homestand of the season before evaluating their deal with Entercom, which just began Thursday, with opening day, and is supposed to run through 2021. It could be that Entercom is also using this time to smooth things over with the club. Entercom’s President of Sports Mike Dee, was once the President and CEO for the Padres.



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