New Entercom Host Creates Controversy With Tweet


…Or is it Buzz? Kevin Klein, who begins hosting mornings on 97.3 The Game in San Diego Thursday, sent out a tweet that included a picture of the Coronado bridge, followed by:  “JUMP … to a new morning show.

That tweet set off a firestorm of reaction from the twitterverse, many saying Klein was being insensitive to suicide. Over 400 people have jumped to their death since the bridge was built, including 18 in 2017. And, following the negative reaction to the tweet, the San Diego Padres are now considering pulling their games from the radio station (see next story).

Entercom recently flipped the signal to 97.3 The Machine, calling it “Talk that Rocks, in San Diego.” The station will carry San Diego Padres baseball. Some people on Twitter have been pushing the Padres to find another station after the Klein tweet.

Klein’s website bio says, “If you are a fan of raw, unfiltered, as-real-as-it-gets and often times uncomfortable radio, please talk to your doctor to see if Kevin Klein LIVE is right for you.”

Managers: What do you think? Over the line or harmless?

While Entercom has not responded to Radio Ink for comment about the situation we did find this apology posted to Klein’s twitter account late last night. His first day on the air is tomorrow.


  1. Well, I never! When I was younger we had to ask parental permission before we jumped. Damned spoiled kids. Throw ’em a trophy on the way down, that’s what I say!

  2. Sounds like a great stunt to me. I have a show where I’m supposedly “offending” a third of the population with every word I speak or song I play. There is nothing offensive in reality, but nowadays it’s fashionable to find offense. The truth is no radio show, no television show, no movie… no form of entertainment is going to be liked be everybody so you strive to reach the people who you can reach and play to them. It sounds to me like the “offended” parties would not likely be regular listeners of his anyway.

    That said, he does have more than his show to worry about. If his show is a large departure from the image his station presents, he could be more conservative… but then that’s on the program director for bringing on a host who does not match up with their format.

    Calling for advertising to be pulled is extreme however and usually a scare tactic by people whose opinion is a minority… who have to find ways to scream to be heard over a crowd that is always more rational.

  3. Think about it. We have about one jumper every 3 weeks and this clown releases it on the day the newspaper prints the results of a study of what to do about suicides on the bridge. It was in extremely poor taste and a HORRIBLE way to start a relationship with a new station and city. Kudos to Fowler. He will make the right decision for the Padres and the city.

  4. What an insanely sick world that’s lost all sense of humor! Every gag must now be run by a battery of lawyers to ascertain risk in case someone’s feelings might get hurt, feathers ruffled. Enough is enough of the politically correct! It’s time to push back! But keep it clean and funny!

  5. This was a brilliant move. Good for getting attention. Probably had the apology written before they hit send. Genius.

  6. I’m sure there are any number of other pictures out there related to “jumping” that could have been used that WOULDN’T have caused one to think of suicide……*smh*

  7. Tasteless? Agreed. Stupid radio hijinx to get attention? Clearly.

    The question really is what idiot approved this? Does Entercom trust their new morning show’s marketing to the show host who is clearly the one apologizing? The guy runs solo, representing the station with no input or approval from the PD or the marketing department? Oh, wait this is radio so there’s likely no ‘department’ – but how about someone who oversees the station’s image?

    Radio just never learns: “it’s about the company you keep.” Why ANY advertiser would want to associate their product when idiots are running the asylum is a damn good question. Why a major league sport would associate their image with this station’s is another damn good question which may have an answer soon.

    There’s nothing funny, smart or creative about satirizing suicide. Period. Whoever approved this classless move should be fired, the station profusely apologize and donate serious money to San Diego crisis services. Then put a system of checks and balances in place for marketing that prevents disasters like this.

    This morning guy should never see the light of his first day on-the-air. Entercom should be embarrassed and really should know better.

    Wait, I forget. It’s radio …

  8. I think that a really good, and entertaining on air personality doesn’t have to resort to this kind of stupid stunt. He will end up losing more than he gains. It’s 2018 and #timesup on these ignorant shenanigans. (Especially considering that so many have jumped off that bridge. Sad.)

  9. Never heard of a better pre launch PR stunt than this one, and I’ve been in radio a long while. Well played. It’s actually an anti-suicide poster if you want to split hairs.

    • Really, Don? The only ‘anti’ part of this stunt is the negative reflection on Entercom which stands to lose substantially and they should.

      This is 2018. Radio needs to grow up and gain audience, not alienate potential listeners.

  10. It doesn’t personally bother me, but you have to think about everyone when representing the station and your employer. He shouldn’t have posted it. There are countless ways to promote the new show without offensive innuendos.

  11. This is why advertisers don’t use radio. Juvenile stupidity like this reinforces the idea, contrary to the radio station ownership and President/CEO’s efforts, That radio is a pointless place for an advertiser to get true ROÍ. Edgy? Witty? No. Stay classy San Diego


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