Omelette & Coates For Breakfast In Traverse City


Steve “Omelette” Normandin (pictured) and Rick Coates have joined Classic Rock The BEAR 98.1 & 97.7 FM in Traverse City, MI, as the station’s morning show. Omelette & Coates will air Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 10 a.m. The pair made their debut Saturday, September 9 at 9 a.m. Normandin is a 25-year veteran of morning radio, formerly with The Paul & Young Ron Show in Miami, before stints in Danbury, CT. and Ft. Myers, FL. He arrived in northern Michigan in September of 2006 and quickly climbed the ratings beating out two nationally syndicated morning shows. The Omelette & Friends Morning Show aired for 10 years enjoying an impressive run as the #1 morning radio show in northern Michigan. Coates is a 35-year media veteran and will produce and co-host the show.

Black Diamond Broadcasting co-owner Norm McKee said, “We’re excited to have Omelette & Coates join the Black Diamond and Classic Rock 98.1& 97.7 FM team. Their energy, passion, and commitment to the people and communities of northern Michigan set them apart from other shows. The fact that these two share the intimate details of their personal lives, combined with their comedic chemistry and their A-list celebrity contacts gives them a unique connection with the listeners.”

Mike Chires, CEO/co-owner of Black Diamond Broadcasting, added, “It’s surprising, if not amazing, that the top-rated radio morning show in Traverse City/Petoskey became available. Steve “Omelette” Normandin and Rick Coates have a special bond with northern Michigan radio listeners and businesses that’s unique. That’s been proven by their success the past 10 years. The hiring of Omelette & Coates is a big deal. Not only for the Black Diamond Broadcasting team, but more so for radio listeners, businesses, and professional organizations in northern Michigan.”


  1. Steve and Rick, with your great ability to know and understand the needs, cares and likes of the people. Also your passions for continued community involvments, it would be nice to have a few moments on your program dedicated to seniors and the issue’s they face. Such as help with the quagmire involving medicade, medicare, social security. Its so confusing and finding a human to help is bbecoming more and more difficult.?? Thank you

  2. Accidentally tuned into what may be “Omelette.” The guy definitely swims in the shallow end of the intellectual pool. When you’re paid to talk but have no intellect, it’s obvious nothing intelligent will occur. The radio personality — or lack thereof — was speaking about libraries. He obviously doesn’t read. Between the two people discussing the topic of libraries, neither one could come up with a reason for them to be in existence. Hey, that’s your opinion. But then to go on about libraries being so useless because homeless people go there, it just displays your lack of empathy or sympathy for people that are having a hard time in life. And maybe, like you guys said, some homeless people may “smell.” Well, in my opinion, you STINK. Please get a job that requires not social skill – or maybe you already have it. So sad!


  3. So Omlette thinks it’s ok to joke about an active shooter at CMU with two reported fatalities. Piss for brains. Taking your station off my list.


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