Eric Rejuvenated Now That Kathy Issue Resolved


The Chicago Tribune reports that Eric Ferguson, of the former WTMX morning show The Eric and Kathy Show, says that he’s “never been more rejuvenated than I feel right now.” Kathy left the show months ago, presumably to negotiate a new contract, but Hubbard fired her last week. Here’s more of what Ferguson said…

According to The Tribune, Ferguson said on the air, “It had the potential to be really, really, really difficult, but I have to tell you, it turned into an unbelievably positive experience and that is directly attributed to the great support, the unwavering support, the encouraging words that all of you gave us this summer. I truly, truly want to let everybody know that I have never been more rejuvenated than I feel right now. I truly have, and I feel like this is the best possible place for us to be right now as a show.”

Even without Kathy on the show it continued with great ratings. It’s expected that Hubbard might announce a new co-host for the show this week.


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