So What About Music Discovery?


Radio lost a little ground to YouTube when it comes to music discovery, according to Infinite Dial 2017. Friends and family remains the number one source for music discovery (68%), YouTube came in second (64%), with AM/FM radio dropping to third (63%). Pandora was a distant fourth (48%) and Facebook (41%) was fifth. So how do these numbers compare to 2016?

Friends and family was flat at 68%. Radio dropped from 68% to 65%. YouTube increased from 64% to 66%. Pandora went from 46% last year to 47% this year. And Facebook dropped from 42% to 41%.

The 12-24 demo was the big YouTube driver coming in at 80%, dwarfing radio (50%), Pandora (53%), and Facebook (42%). Friends and family was also strong for the 12-24 demo at 77%. iHeartRadio was at 25%.


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