iHeartRadio Making Big Gains With Consumers


While Pandora still remains the big dog on the block, iHeartRadio is gaining ground, in terms of consumer awareness. Eighty-six percent of Americans are familiar with the Pandora brand, while 71% are now aware of the iHeartRadio brand. And we have a pretty good idea why it’s growing. Radio.

iHeartMedia has been bombarding listeners with commercials and promos promoting iHeartRadio over its 8oo-plus radio stations across America. That surely has played a significant role in the growth of brand awareness. According to Media Monitors last week, iHeartmedia cranked out 29,663 commercials promoting iHeartRadio and 46,500 commercials to promote the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Every week, iHeart gives radio’s top advertisers, GEICO and The Home Depot, a run for their money for the top spot on the Media Monitors chart.

Back to the Infinite Dial data. Sixty-two percent of the 12-plus U.S. population is now aware of Spotify, while 60% are aware of Apple Music and Amazon. Only 15% are familiar with NextRadio.

Pandora is losing ground to Spotify. Forty percent of the U.S population said they use Pandora most often, down from 54% in 2015. Meanwhile, Spotify useage has more than doubled, growing from 10% in 2015 to 21% this year.


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