The 15 Biggest Mistakes Unsuccessful Salespeople Make


(By Pat Bryson) I occasionally clean off my desk and rearrange the piles of information that have accumulated. I did so recently, and I came across some pearls of wisdom that originally were sent to me by a client.

They resonated with me, and he agreed to let me share them with you. I HOPE that none of these applies to you or anyone you know.

The Biggest Mistakes That Unsuccessful Salespeople May Be Making:

  1. They talk entirely too much.
  2. They give information before they GET information.
  3. They don’t observe and attend to signals the prospect may be sending.
  4. They don’t manage rejection.
  5. They sell instead of prospecting on the first call.
  6. They don’t listen to their clients: they don’t take notes.
  7. Their own prejudices overshadow their sales process.
  8. They don’t read the body language of their prospects.
  9. They sell price rather than solutions.
  10. They don’t know their numbers: how many wins, losses, attempts.
  11. They don’t provide good follow-up service to current clients.
  12. They don’t ask for the order!
  13. They make a sale rather than developing a relationship.
  14. They don’t invest in their personal development.
  15. They stop learning. 

Even the best of us can slide into bad habits if we aren’t always on guard. The science of sales continues to evolve as the business landscape changes. If we are to continue to excel, we must be better. Work smarter. Higher revenue awaits!

Happy Selling!

Pat Bryson is the CEO of Bryson Broadcasting International, a consulting firm that works with sales managers and salespeople to raise revenue. She is the author of two books, A Road Map to Success in High-Dollar Broadcast Sales and Successful Broadcast Sales: Thriving in Change available on her website. Read Pat’s Radio Ink archives here.


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