LAist and NPR Recognize California’s AAPI History With ‘Inheriting’


Southern California NPR affiliate LAist is launching Inheriting, a new narrative broadcast special and podcast exploring significant moments in Asian American and Pacific Islander history through the lives of seven families and their personal stories.

Each of the eight episodes, hosted by NPR’s Emily Kwong, features in-depth conversations with a family, revealing how private moments intertwine with history. The first season focuses on AAPI families from Cambodia, Guam, Japan, India, Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Vietnam, all residing in California.

Events covered include Japanese American incarceration camps during World War II, the Third World Liberation Front, and the 1992 LA Uprising. Each episode shares untold stories and seldom-taught histories within AAPI communities through multigenerational conversations.

Inheriting was created and produced by an all Asian American team, including senior producer Anjuli Sastry Krbechek, editor Sara Sarasohn, producers Minju Park and James Chow, and executive producer Catherine Mailhouse.

Kwong shared, “All the work I’ve done in the last 10 years has led up to Inheriting: it’s the history class I wish I had taken in college, coupled with all my curiosity about family relationships. Our show lives in the space between the generations – and each episode is built entirely around a single family’s questions about their past. That participatory model of journalism is really exciting to me.”

NPR’s Senior Director of Network Growth Dan McCoy stated, “NPR is proud to partner with LAist Studios to bring Inheriting to a national audience. The show tells important stories about American history from Californians that will resonate with listeners across the country. The NPR Network is committed to supporting and providing a platform for locally produced stories direct from voices that can offer perspectives about their lives, experiences, and communities. We expect Inheriting to reach new audiences and bring more attention to the incredible work happening at LAist Studios and other Member stations.”


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