iHeart Introduces Special ‘Pet Radio’ To Keep Furry Friends Calm


Does your four-legged friend have separation anxiety? iHeartRadio has launched a special station for just such an occasion. Pet Radio features nine hours of soothing songs, gentle tracks, and instrumental music, following scientific research suggesting certain types of music can significantly reduce pet stress.

Studies, including those by animal behaviorist Dr. Deborah Wells, have shown that classical music can have a calming effect on dogs, promoting more restful behaviors and less agitation compared to other sounds. Further research by Dr. Susan Wagner, a board-certified veterinary neurologist, found that solo piano music might be even more effective in reducing anxiety in dogs.

Additionally, studies indicate that soft rock and reggae can encourage relaxed behavior and greater heart rate variability in kenneled dogs, signaling lower anxiety levels.

Radio and music have been scientifically proven to reduce stress in humans time and time again, so why not pets?

Before you strap a PPM device to your dog’s collar, know the station is streaming-only through the iHeartRadio app, or by voice command with Alexa by saying, “Play Pet Radio on iHeartRadio.” The service is also available on smart TVs.


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