SiriusXM Wants The ‘Taylor Swift Effect’ As Ad Campaign Expands


SiriusXM is serious about its aggressive advertising efforts with a strategic placement during Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert film on Disney+. The 60-second commercial, “A Life in Sound,” comes as the satellite broadcaster looks to refresh its image, especially among younger consumers.

While it’s unknown what SiriusXM paid for its spot in the streaming event, it has an air of exclusivity. Fewer than a dozen brands were allowed to buy ads in the concert film. Whatever that cost was, it was likely worth it: The Eras Tour had 4.6 million views on Disney+ in its first three days on the platform, according to Variety.

Amid its rebranding, SiriusXM used the Academy Awards to launch the spot, which narrates the life story of a woman through dance, set to a diverse soundtrack that includes commentary and music from SiriusXM hosts and artists.

The company and its new agency, Uncommon Creative Studio, have been targeting cultural events as a springboard for their “Closer” campaign, aiming to illustrate the intimate connection between SiriusXM and its audience, spotlighting audio’s role in bringing fans nearer to the music and personalities they admire.

Upcoming efforts include extensive out-of-home ads targeting key markets.

SiriusXM Chief Growth Officer Suzi Watford told AdWeek, “Appearing in places like the Oscars is important, and it says something about who we are and how we want to behave. And the Eras movie is a big place for us to be, and it makes sense given the connection Taylor has with Sirius.”


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