New York Festivals Radio Awards Showcase Audio’s Storytellers


The New York Festivals 2024 Radio Awards has unveiled its Storytellers Gala Shortlist, showcasing audio storytelling from across the globe. The winners will be celebrated at the New York Festivals 2024 Storytellers Gala, a virtual event scheduled for April 16.

This year’s nominees span a variety of categories, including audiobooks, podcasts, dramas, documentaries, news coverage, entertainment, and music specials, produced by an array of radio stations, networks, production companies, and independent creators.

Highlighted among the entertainment category are diverse entries like Hamlet Noir by Almost Tangible, Q with Tom Power: Interview with Mick Jagger by CBC, and Gold Minds with Kevin Hart by SiriusXM, showcasing a broad spectrum of genres and audiences. Other notable mentions include The Thief at St Nicholas Academy by Swedish Radio, Eclectica – Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon – 50th Anniversary Special, and Crazy Kiwi Christmas Kids Show by CBA, among others.

The documentary section captivated judges with stories ranging from The Beatles’ Legacy: Red and Blue by Howlett Media Productions Ltd. to Deep Listening: Whale Culture, Interspecies Communication, and Knowing Your Place by Bioneers, demonstrating the power of radio to delve into intricate and compelling narratives.

Entries were evaluated by an international jury of over 200 industry professionals, based on criteria including production values, creativity, content presentation, and audience engagement.

The full shortlist is available on the NYF Radio Awards website.


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