Is An Easy Analytics Switch Enough To Captivate Podcasters?


Captivate, part of Global’s Media & Entertainment group, has introduced a new analytics feature to try and lure podcasters to the host. The tool allows the seamless transfer of users’ entire podcast download analytics history from previous platforms to the Captivate dashboard.

Podcasters can now import their full historical analytics, to not lose comprehensive data on their growth trajectory, eliminating the need to start anew upon transferring to Captivate. The platform offers fully graphed, customizable reports for the imported legacy data, without any restrictions on the volume of data that can be transferred.

Users can download a CSV copy of their analytics from their former host and upload it during the import process to Captivate, where it is integrated into a new “Legacy Analytics” section. This data can be formatted by directory app, listener location, episode title, and other previous formats, ensuring accuracy and comprehensive reporting.

Captivate Managing Director Mark Asquith said, “One of the biggest questions from podcasters moving to a new host has always been: ‘Can I import my analytics?’, and the answer has, across the industry, always been ‘not really’… To be the first in the industry to accomplish it in a manner this intuitively is massive, and we really expect to see others follow our lead on this.”


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