Son of Sam Meets ‘The Devil Within’ In Hellish New Season


Cloud10 Media and Branden Morgan have teamed up for the third season of the true-crime podcast The Devil Within. Launched on December 6, the podcast transitions from its previous limited format to a more regular schedule, releasing episodes over 45 weeks.

The first season of The Devil Within recounted the shocking murder of Betty Ann Sullivan in Jefferson Township, New Jersey, by her 14-year-old son. The second season explored the case of Michael Taylor, believed to be possessed by 48 demons. This season, titled “A Season in Hell…”, delves into the infamous 13-month reign of terror by serial killer David Berkowitz, known as Son of Sam, in late 1970s New York City. The series features exclusive interviews with journalists, FBI agents, historians, and mental health experts.

Previously produced by Cavalry Audio Network, The Devil Within has also caught the attention of Amazon’s MGM+, leading to its adaptation into a four-part docuseries with executive producer Eli Roth.


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