AdLarge Taps Influencers, Actors For Three New Podcasts


AdLarge has enriched its content lineup with three podcasts: The Moments Podcast with Lexi Hidalgo, Dear Young Married Couple, and The Mother Daze. These additions showcase the diverse voices and experiences of women in various life stages.

The Moments Podcast with Lexi Hidalgo offers insights into the lives of young adults. Hosted by social media influencer Lexi Hidalgo, the podcast covers topics from therapy to self-care. It aims to create a supportive community where listeners feel understood and accepted. New episodes of The Moments Podcast are available every Monday.

Dear Young Married Couple, co-hosted by marriage counselors Adam King, MA, and Karissa King, MA, dives into the intricacies of marital life. The Kings, with 15 years of marriage and extensive professional experience, discuss topics like communication, sex, finances, and parenting. They also provide resources, events, and retreats for couples and families. Dear Young Married Couple releases new episodes every Tuesday.

Lastly, The Mother Daze, co-hosted by actors and entrepreneurs Sarah Wright Olsen and Teresa Palmer, offers an authentic glimpse into motherhood. Olsen and Palmer, founders of the “Your Zen Mama” community, share their experiences of raising eight children between them. The podcast includes interviews with celebrity friends, parenting experts, and engages with listeners’ queries. New episodes of The Mother Daze are released every Thursday.


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