SiriusXM Ends Rude Jude’s 19-Year Run On Shade 45


SiriusXM has ended the nearly two-decade-long run of host Jude Angelini, known as Rude Jude. Hosting on Eminem’s Shade 45 channel since its start in 2004, November 16 marked the final episode of Jude’s The All Out Show. The changes come in the midst of a celebrity-heavy rebrand by SXM.

According to an interview with The Detroit News, Angelini was informed about the non-renewal of his contract by a company representative following his last show. Reflecting on the end of his journey, Angelini noted that he saw the termination coming, saying that his unfiltered approach to radio broadcasting no longer aligned with the company’s direction.

Throughout his career at Shade 45, Angelini engaged audiences with his bold, unscripted style, discussing a wide array of topics, from current affairs to personal anecdotes. His show, which he hosted from Metro Detroit since 2020, became known for its candid conversations and diverse range of guests, including celebrities, medical experts, and adult film stars.

Before joining Shade 45, Angelini gained fame on The Jenny Jones Show in the 1990s, where he first caught Eminem’s attention and ultimately led to his role at Shade 45. Looking forward, Angelini plans to continue his broadcasting career, potentially exploring platforms like Patreon to produce content on various topics, including cooking.


  1. I listened to Jude for over 15 years. Unfortunately i found myself tuning away more and more as he just seemed angrier everyday. The show went from being fun and entertaining to dark and depressing. He treated John like shit and he was the glue holding the show together. Also he was constantly bashing women saying the only thing they were here for is to make babies. Anyway when he moved back to detroit the show quality suffered. Sometimes it was downright unlistenable as Jude would do the show from his cell phone due to technical difficulties. anyway, i’ll remain a fan but if I’m being honest I completely see why Sirius wanted to move on.

  2. I was going to cancel but I like Sway in the morning some days, Lord Sear is coo during the day but DJ Whookid needs to be paid more and replace Judes spot or else your going to lose millions of subscribers

  3. Damn! Jude kept it 💯! People who could relate or just like to listen to real shit followed his show. Good luck Jude!! There’s ALWAYS someone wanting your spot.. Stay “Woke”✌🏾

  4. To be honest, I tuned out from Jude a while back! Solo was on point about Jude turning into a grump old man. His deterioration was getting unbearable to listen to, especially when he would rant about John, shit on News From The Chin, and then the whole thing where he was hallucinating at home. The move back home started off in a promising way, but then he quickly deteriorated and he just became more of a downer to me. I found myself arguing with his petty-ass points and feeling more frustrated than entertained. When he completely bashed a “Good News” segment that John presented, that was it for me. I tuned away from his show and went over to Roxanne Shante’s show on 43 or elsewhere if they were too obnoxious.
    Now that Jude’s gone, I will start tuning in again, and hope to be entertained instead of frustrated and irritated!

    • I understand what your saying completely. He really got into it with John on air in late Oct early November. I really didn’t like it because he kept going on and on, probably was high anyway I lost interest around that time after being a listener for almost 15 years. He did Lord Sear kind of like that as well.

  5. Really sad to hear that Jude slot is gone! He was one of the main factors I kept my subscription to SAT radio I have one more year left then we are gone!….blame Shade 45 & the WOKE

  6. As someone who was there from the very first episode of the all-out show with Jude and Lord Sear I can say that I watch the start to the highest points of the show and then a continual decline of the show over the past decade. I know Jude lost interest in the hip hop genre heavily and his patience and cohabitation with his co-host started to turn disrespectful and at times a bit nasty which prompted a separation allotting Sear a solo show at an earlier time slot. Shade 45 is a hip hop channel and during the first 10 years Jude had love for hip hop but his true colors started to show through his final nine years therefore it’s good for him to no longer be there it’s not his platform he is not a fan of hip Hop and he has walked a fine line of questionable social positions which he should take to his own space I grew to be disappointed with Jude wasting his talent and becoming a grumpy old man everyday from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. good move for the station and good luck to Jude by the way Sear still has his solo spot because he is hip hop. I bought both of his books and even met the duo once and met Jude again in an airport in Chicago cool dude but let’s move on.

  7. not renewing my sirius because of this. one thing to end a show because its not a good show. but this guys show has been the most consistent entertaining and real show over the last 19 years on sirius. one of very few reasons i keep renewing. with that being said, i will not renew again. i dont want any part of a company that wants this new woke civilization. the whole point of satelite radio back in the day was to have a platform for guys like this and stern to not have to comply with the corporate big wigs and say what they felt and for the audience to relate. if i want woke ill watch disney movies all day.

    • I don’t drive a lot anymore but Jude is the reason I kept my satellite radio that my car came with but I’ve been out the last couple of weeks. I didn’t know why Jude was on in his normal slot and the one that’s there now sucks so I changed the station. I finally remembered to Google it and was devastated that they canceled his contract if it’s Eminems station shouldn’t it be him who says who stays or goes

    • I’m going to guess you had not read the press release by shade 45 regarding this change. It has nothing to do with being “woke”and what exactly would be your definition of that term? The station is moving in the direction which is not supporting Jude’s spiraling out of control behavior anymore anyone who’s been around since the beginning of this show has seen the changes and if you be honest you went from a fun guy to quickly turning into a grumpy old man he lost his spark and quite honestly I believe he got too comfortable and when you get comfortable and entertainment or at any job damn near that’s when you get cut

  8. Removing “Rude Jude” from Shade 45 is a complete tragedy. The only reason I subscribe to SiriusXM radio was because I love the truth “Jude” told. It helped me to connect to the REAL part of myself and others. It’s too much “fake” shit out in the world, and the courage to be yourself and speak your truth should be respected and protected, without censorship.

    Can we just have one station that has a person that keeps it real. Don’t keep it real because of political reasons, keep it real because you’re true to your “self”. WTF is the world becoming—everything for likes? Jude will go on to bigger and better things—No Filter Society. Thanks Jude for always keeping it 100.

  9. I officially canceled my Sirius XM subscription. The Rude Jude show was the only reason why I kept that subscription for so long. He will be onto bigger and better things and I will be waiting to support where he lands next.

  10. Delete Shade 45.. let it be known !!
    Jude was loved by many !! Just normal real talk .. people came together from all sides..
    And spoke there minds.. we all learned something from each side because of this.. such a huge loss !! Screw Shade 45 I say

  11. Been off of work for a minute due to holiday and birthday. Excited to listen to Jude and he was gone. I am so upset. I loved the ride home waiting for his antics. I didn’t agree with everything that he said but he was entertaining. Jude I wish you the best. You have other avenues to follow. I will be on the lookout for you.

  12. Wtf? This decision was dumb. I bet Howard Stern is still on the radio as well. I don’t get why they made this decision if they mess with 126, and 45 I’m canceling my subscription Jude was in my top 3 shows to listen too.

  13. Really unfortunate that Sirius XM decided to part ways with Rude Jude. He was very authentic and unapologetic. I’m sure he’ll land 10 toes down doing exactly what he wants to do. We’ll miss you Rude Jude. Good luck to you….

  14. Worst Decision EVER!! Whoever made that decision should be fired!! Even if it was Eminem! I listened to him for 15 years and now I’m done with satellite radio now!! He was the best thing on there for sure! We will Miss ya Jude!!! Thanks for everything you did for all of us!! Much Love and Appreciation 😎💪🙏

  15. So sad they decided to cancel him, hands down was one of the worst decisions the station made for their programming this year. Sway is great and perfectly understandable they’re moving in a different direction but his authenticity was one of the best things the station had and they should’ve let him continue to provide that to his listeners. Hate to cancel XM, but see no reason to keep as he was the only daily show I tuned in for each week and hate getting off work now not being able to listen to him anymore.


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