AM/FM Radio Is A Farmer’s Best Friend, Finds New Katz Study


One of radio’s biggest supporters throughout the lifespan of the AM For Every Vehicle Act has been the agricultural industry – a group with a substantial spending power of over $576 billion across its 4.5 million workers. So just how popular is AM/FM with farmers?

Katz Media Group recently utilized MRI-Simmons data to delve into the media habits of agricultural workers and found a strong inclination of agricultural workers toward audio media. Approximately half of these workers are categorized as heavy audio listeners, surpassing their engagement with other media forms such as the Internet and television.

This isn’t limited to time outside working, either. About half of agricultural workers were found to be light users of the Internet and TV, indicating that advertising campaigns focused solely on these mediums may not effectively reach this demographic. They are significantly more likely to listen to audio at work on weekdays and weekends compared to the average American adult.

AM/FM radio emerges as the most popular audio source among agricultural workers. Eight out of ten agricultural workers tune into OTA radio, a preference that extends beyond streaming audio, podcasts, and satellite radio.

Farmer Radio Data
(Katz Media Group)

While approximately two-thirds of this group listen to streaming audio, including AM/FM streams and other services, more than half of these households subscribe to commercial-free services, emphasizing the importance of traditional radio, both over-the-air and station streams, for advertisers targeting this demographic.

Radio serves a multifaceted role for the agricultural community, providing information, entertainment, and relaxation. Approximately one-third of agricultural workers consider radio as a valuable learning tool and a source of useful information about new products and services. Radio stands out as a critical medium in connecting these workers with local agricultural news, weather updates, market commentary, and influential farm broadcasters.

In October, the Independent Beef Association of North Dakota, National Grange, the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association, Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas, Latino Farmers & Ranchers International, Livestock Marketing Association, National Farmers Union, North Dakota Farmers Union, and the Rural & Agriculture Council of America sent a joint letter to Congress urging the AM For Every Vehicle Act’s passage.


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