Caloroga Shark Media Blends Two Short-Form Podcast Brands


Caloroga Media and The Shark Deck have teamed up to form a new podcasting venture called Caloroga Shark Media. The company will focus on producing short-form podcasts that last less than 10 minutes. Launching with 16 diverse shows, both scripted and unscripted, the new venture aims to cater to a broad audience with varied interests.

The lineup features a mix of existing hits and fresh titles. Among the new shows are unscripted offerings such as Taylor Swift Today, Entertainment Daily, The Messi Effect, and Musk, as well as scripted series like Murder Weekly, Romance Weekly, and Ghost: Scary Stories Daily. Some shows will also be available in Spanish, including Romance Semenal and Asesinato Semenal.

John McDermott, Co-Founder of Caloroga Shark Media, emphasized the appeal of short-form podcasts, noting, “In a busy world, the goal is to give a defined audience what they want in an entertaining, reliable, and fast format.”

“This is a groundbreaking opportunity for us to reach a wider audience with high-quality, professional content that resonates with listeners who like their podcasts shorter and more often,” added fellow Co-Founder Mark Francis.


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