Brick-and-Mortar Sees 20% Lift After Cutting All Ads But Audio


What if a small business cut out all advertising except audio advertising for six weeks? This was the purpose of a new case study that underscores the effectiveness of audio advertising in driving foot traffic to brick-and-mortar businesses.

Audacy, in partnership with location analytics firm, conducted a six-week campaign for a family-owned restaurant chain in the Detroit area. The campaign was designed to boost traffic during happy hours, enhance customer loyalty, and encourage repeat visits across the chain’s 16 locations in Southeastern Michigan.

Audacy developed 15- and 30-second spots that aired during morning drive times on digital streaming and local radio stations. During the campaign, the restaurant refrained from other forms of marketing.

The study provided detailed foot traffic analysis, revealing an increase in customer visits at almost every time of day, including competitive morning and dinner hours. The report also showed that customers stayed 10 minutes longer on average, and some regular patrons visited more than 20 times during the campaign period. Overall, the study found a 20% year-over-year average increase in customer visits during the campaign.

Audacy SVP of Search, Social, and Performance Digital Jennifer Killeen emphasized, “You just can’t argue with a 20% increase in foot traffic over 6 weeks. Our customer was blown away by the depth of insights we’re able to share using, making it easier to prove our ability to generate real-world results.”

More details on the case study are available on Audacy’s website.


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