Iguodala and Turner Bring ‘Point Forward’ To SB Nation and Vox


Vox Media has joined forces with New Amendment, the media company founded by NBA veterans Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner, to bring their podcast, Point Forward, into the SB Nation and Vox Media Podcast Network. The podcast, led by the former teammates, delves into sports, business, technology, and culture.

Iguodala boasts a 19-year NBA career and is a four-time NBA champion. He’s also known for his investments, particularly in the tech sector. Turner, a 10-year NBA veteran, has diversified investments across various fields including real estate and technology.

The partnership will have Iguodala and Turner offering weekly basketball analysis and insights on SB Nation. Both platforms plan to collaborate on live events and other opportunities to engage SB Nation’s dedicated audience. Vox Media and SB Nation will take on sales, marketing, and distribution roles for the podcast. They will also explore potential editorial and creative collaborations with the hosts during the NBA season.

SB Nation Publisher Jermaine Spradley said, “Andre and Evan have reached some of the highest levels of success both on and off the court, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to partner with them in bringing Point Forward to the SB Nation family.”

Iguodala added, “Point Forward has always been about diving deeper into topics that resonate with our audience, and now with the unparalleled reach and expertise of SB Nation and Vox Media, we’re excited to take our conversations to an even wider audience.”

Turner commented, “Having been on both sides of the game – as a player and a coach – I’ve come to appreciate the myriad stories that exist within the world of sports. Andre and I have always had raw and honest discussions, and now we have a platform that will allow us to reach fans, thinkers, and enthusiasts on an even greater scale. The next season is set to be our best yet, and we’re thrilled to embark on this journey with SB Nation and Vox Media.”


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