More Industry Reactions To Anna Gomez And A Finally Full FCC


    For the first time during Joe Biden’s presidency, the Federal Communications Commission has a full five members. The Senate confirmed Anna Gomez as the third Democratic commissioner, ending a long-standing partisan deadlock.

    Gomez, previously a State Department communications policy adviser, is the FCC’s first Latina commissioner since 2001 after being confirmed with a 55-43 vote. Her appointment paves the way for the Commission to pursue major communications policy goals, including the possibility of updating numerous ownership and operations policies for radio. While Washington sounded off immediately following the vote, here’s what those in the industry have been saying over the weekend.

    Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council President and CEO Robert E. Branson commented, “MMTC congratulates Anna Gomez on her confirmation to the FCC. Having worked with her for numerous years, we know her telecommunications policymaking expertise will be a major asset to the agency. MMTC is excited to continue its working relationship with Gomez and her fellow commissioners.”

    FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said, “Congratulations to Anna Gomez on her confirmation by the United States Senate. I look forward to welcoming her to the Commission. Anna brings with her a wealth of telecommunications experience, a substantial record of public service, and a history of working to ensure the United States stays on the cutting edge of keeping us all connected. Her international expertise will be a real asset to the agency. I look forward to working with her to advance the agency’s mission to ensure the benefits of modern communications reach everyone, everywhere and that the United States can continue to lead in the digital age.”

    Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth Partner Frank Montero told Radio Ink, “I think she’s a very capable communications attorney who will make a great Commissioner. I served at the FCC with her in the late 90s. She’s very smart and will do an excellent job.”

    Parents Television and Media Council VP Melissa Henson said, “We congratulate Anna Gomez on her confirmation to the FCC. She brings great expertise to the agency that will benefit children and families. The FCC’s responsibilities to the American public over protecting children from harmful content and broadcast decency enforcement are critical. We look forward to working with Anna Gomez and the full Commission.”

    FCC Commissioner Nate Simington added, “I want to extend my sincerest congratulations to Ms. Gomez on being confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as FCC Commissioner. Ms. Gomez has dedicated much of her career to public service and will no doubt continue to faithfully serve the public interest in her new role as Commissioner. I look forward to working with her.”

    Adding to his previous statement, NAB President and CEO Curtis LeGeyt wrote a blog post about how more reforms are needed, specifically in modernizing decades-old broadcast ownership rules, adapting to changing methods of content consumption, and providing clarity in the FCC’s merger review process. He sees Gomez’s confirmation as a positive step toward strengthening the industry.


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