Transcription App Aims To Make Podcasts Accessible To All


One app is launching a new feature to make podcast content more accessible. Matter introduced “Readable Podcasts” to its platform, allowing users the ability to save and transcribe podcasts alongside the ability to highlight, take notes, and share quotes. The premium subscription offering includes advanced AI transcriptions for podcasts and YouTube for a monthly fee.

Users can continue using their preferred podcast app and simply share the podcast to Matter for transcription. Available languages for transcription include English, Spanish, and French, along with several others. The new functionality uses a blend of third-party transcription services and Matter’s system to maintain transcript quality and label speakers.

Matter co-founder Ben Springwater said, “Podcasts are a gateway to expert knowledge. But audio is ephemeral, and much of that knowledge slips away. Readable Podcasts unlocks the knowledge in podcasts for the first time.”


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