Veritonic Offers YouTube Monitoring As Platform Grows


Audio analytics company Veritonic has added a new source of traffic to its audio attribution monitoring. The new feature enables agencies and brands to accurately measure the impact of traffic originating from YouTube, as well as podcast and streaming audio channels.

“An impressive 78 percent of podcast listeners who are aware of YouTube have actively utilized its free version to consume podcasts,” stated Scott Simonelli, CEO and Founder of Veritonic. “At Veritonic, our unwavering dedication lies in delivering our clients expansive and harmonized data across all distribution channels. By equipping them with comprehensive insights, we empower brands to make well-informed and optimized decisions regarding their audio marketing strategies, maximizing their impact in an ever-evolving digital landscape.”

Veritonic’s Audio Attribution solution tracks every stage of the marketing funnel, from branding initiatives to conversions and transactions. Users can identify the publishers and specific audio ads that have the greatest impact allowing brands to optimize their ad performance strategically.


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