‘Grace Under Pressure’ Resurrects Off-Broadway Comedy


PASTICHENYC, known for their adaptations of classic literature into song cycles, has premiered its new radio-drama-style podcast series, Grace Under Pressure. Written and directed by Emily King, the musical series follows the story of a woman navigating life in 1990s New York City amidst various challenges.

Emily’s cousin Alice King takes on the lead role, accompanied by piano bar ballads serving as a Greek chorus. The series touches on topics such as office politics, pyramid schemes, and more, delivering a light-hearted and fast-paced comedy. Originally conceived as an Off-Off Broadway project in 1992, Grace Under Pressure returns three decades later with a stellar cast of New York voice talent.

The musical podcast includes NYC field recordings and sound design by Milo Barney, with recording engineering by Atticus Mulkey and editing by Emily Duncan. The first two episodes debuted Thursday with subsequent episodes releasing for the next seven weeks.

King, who wrote the piece for her cousin Alice, explained, “One morning I awoke from a dream with a theatre project fully formed in my head. For Alice. Grace Under Pressure. Eight-part radio series. Loses her job in every episode. And finds her life’s work and true love. Theme song, choral commentary piano bar songs, Radio Theater Live on Stage. So I wrote it.”


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