iHeart’s ‘Chasing Sleep’ Catches Season Two


iHeartPodcasts is back Chasing Sleep with season two of the podcast revolving around rest. Hosted by actors and spouses Katie Lowes and Adam Shapiro, the new season explores how sleep impacts various aspects of life. Each week, Katie and Adam engage in roundtable discussions with experts and guests to delve into the magic and science of sleep.

Topics include the effects of quality sleep on aging, the impact of well-rested parents on their patience with children, and the connection between bad sleep and libido. The podcast also addresses broader sleep-related issues like dreaming, the influence of technology on sleep, and the use of supplements. Listeners can expect to receive tips, advice, and insights from leading sleep doctors, experts, and bestselling authors. The ultimate aim is to help individuals improve their sleep to enhance other areas of their lives.


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