‘Killer Tape’ Hits Play On ‘Son of Sam’ Recordings


A new true-crime podcast will go in-depth on never-before-heard interviews with “The Son of Sam” serial killer David Berkowitz. Killer Tape premieres March 27.

Audio Up and Molasses Manifesto released the trailer on Wednesday. The 21-episode show is based on 19 hours of audio from never before heard interviews with Berkowitz. Investigative Reporter Jack Jones conducted the interviews over the course of several months in 1980 from New York’s Attica Prison. Killer Tape‘s arc covers Berkowitz’s birth to imprisonment, including the murders, in his own words.

Killer Tape is the be-all, end-all telling of The Son of Sam story; eclipsing all other podcast coverage,” said series creator William Badgley. “No one has come close to what we have amassed.”

“Audio Up is about to become a real destination for true crime fanatics. With our best-in-class production capabilities, investigative chops, and dedication to audience-oriented entertainment, these shows will have you listening deep into the night,” says Audio Up CEO Jared Gutstadt.


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