Radio Gives Brand 8% Lift


A new study released by Cumulus Media’s Westwood One Audio Active Group in partnership with NCSolutions details how advertising for personal care brands results in a significant return on investment when those spots run on traditional AM and FM radio.

According to the study, an unnamed personal care brand saw an 8% lift in sales from households where men were exposed to the campaign via broadcast radio, with the growth spurred by more spending per trip to the store.

“For every $1 spent on AM/FM radio, the men’s personal care brand saw $1.23 in return on advertising spend among target male consumers exposed to the campaign,” the report said. “Even more significant, for every $1 invested in AM/FM radio, the parent brand saw an $11.96 in return on advertising spend across all households.”

Cumulus’ Pierre Bouvard released a 10-minute video about the study that you can watch HERE.

To read the full report, go HERE.


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