Cumulus Study Says Sports Radio Fans More Engaged


The findings of a pair of studies released by Cumulus Media’s Westwood One division claims sports fans who listen to play-by-play coverage on AM and FM radio are more engaged and more likely to make major purchases across several key sectors compared to casual fans who watch events on television.

One study, produced in partnership with MESH Experience, found 82% of those who listened to NFL games on terrestrial radio identified as very or extremely passionate about the sport, compared to just 67% of those who watch on television.

The scale tilted in the same fashion for NCAA college football, NBA and MLB fans, while the opposite was true for fans of professional hockey, NCAA college basketball and professional golf, which saw more enthusiasm among TV viewers compared to radio.

Specifically focused on football, the study found that people who listened to post-season and Super Bowl coverage on AM and FM radio were 81% more likely to attend a sports event in person, 100% more likely to have family or friends ask for information or advice about a sport, and 150% more likely to place a bet on sports or participate in fantasy sports over the last 12 months.

Another study found postseason NFL fans who listened to events and coverage on the radio were more likely to buy a new car or used car; buy a large, flat screen TV; buy a tablet; buy a new computer or buy a smartphone compared to those who watched the games on television.

To read more about the study, go HERE.


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