iHeart Launches Podcast on Homelessness, Trains


iHeartPodcasts has launched a new show hosted by investigative journalist Danelle Morton that shines a light on the underground cities that spring up along the country’s rail lines.

The podcast, called City of the Rails, sees Morton travel the country as she takes listeners on a deeply personal journey of exploration to find out why her daughter was drawn to this particular lifestyle.

“Her guides are the rail cops, train engineers, and hobos she meets along the way, each of them with their own extraordinary tales of the beauty and brutality of the rails,” a spokesperson for the show said in a statement. “City of the Rails’ mother/daughter story unfolds across a landscape of vast open spaces and filthy backstreets as Morton shows us how railroads shaped the modern world – from creating our time zones and QR codes, to the first lobbyists and unions.”

The show will offer at least 10 episodes through its run, and will be distributed on all popular podcast platforms, including the free iHeartRadio app.


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