HD Radio Parent Xperi Offers Peek at CES 2023 Booth


Xperi, the company behind HD Radio, says it will have three vehicles at its Consumer Electronics Show booth in January that will showcase the latest features of the digital broadcast technology.

During a conversation with the Radio Business Report’s InFOCUS podcast, Xperi Senior Vice President of Broadcast and Digital Audio Joe D’Angelo said progress with the technology and its capabilities have unlocked a suite of new features that broadcasters big and small can take advantage of to put traditional and HD Radio at the center of the consumer experience in their cars.

“What we’ve seen over the years is an evolution of the user interface in the cars that are making HD Radio multicast channels much easier to discover and engage with,” D’Angelo said, noting that Toyota recently revealed it would make HD Radio technology standard in its future models.

D’Angelo said more than four dozen vehicle models from five automakers currently have HD Radio tuners and head ends that are compatible with DTS Autostage, which combines hybrid digital broadcasts with Internet-delivered metadata like station logos, artist and song information and album art.

“It’s a totally modern user experience, and it’s applied to all radio stations across all of our markets,” D’Angelo said. “It’s really quite a powerful platform.”

While HD Radios have gained prominence over the last few years in cars, the availability of HD Radio signals in the home of consumers has waned in part due to the expense incurred in integrating the technology into things like home theater systems, portable radios and soundbars. D’Angelo said that cost is coming down thanks in part to Xperi’s efforts. (iBiquity Digital Corporation, the brand that developed the HD Radio technology, was acquired by DTS in 2015; DTS itself was acquired by Tessera one year later, and the combined company was renamed Xperi.)

“To the extent consumers still want to get a radio in their home that has these capabilities, it’s more affordable than ever, thanks to this kind of consolidation of technology,” D’Angelo affirmed.

To listen to the latest episode of the InFOCUS podcast with D’Angelo, go HERE.

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