‘Weird Al’ Radio Launches in Green Bay


After serving as the Green Bay area’s holiday music station, WKZG (104.3 FM) has decided to adopt a weird, new format — at least for now.

On Tuesday, the Woodward Communications-owned station announced the adoption of the “Weird Al Radio” branding, with a playlist full of the parody musician’s remixes of popular songs from the last three decades.

“Weird Al” Yankovic appears in on the joke, sharing a message on Twitter posted by the station’s Eddie Ybarra.

“Proud to say, I’m probably the first music director for this musical format,” Ybarra tweeted on Tuesday.

While the novelty of an around-the-clock Weird Al format is likely to draw a few curious listeners, it’s highly likely the station is stunting ahead of a more-permanent format flip. Less clear is what the station will adopt after the new year, but a filing with the Federal Communications Commission indicates WKZG will adopt the WFZZ call letters during the first week of January.


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