Broker Frank Boyle Dies


Boyle began his radio career at WJR-AM in Detroit in 1953. In 1958 he joined the Eastman National Radio Sales firm, which became Eastman Radio. In the 70’s Boyle worked for the NBC Network before founding Frank Boyle & Company in 1979. Boyle was 96.

Radio Ink President and Publisher deborah Parenti: “Early in my career, I was fortunate to count Frank Boyle among my mentors. Visiting that big New York office at Rockefeller Center could be rather intimidating to a 22 year old from Dayton but Frank made you feel welcome. Like you belonged there. And he was the kind of person who always took the time to send a note, sometimes hand-written, congratulating on a promotion or a successful station event. Little things that encouraged and inspired. He was a legend and he will be missed.”


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