Podcast On Latinx Experience


The latest Colorado Public Radio Podcast ¿Quién Are We?, which focuses on “what it means to be Latinx, Latino, Hispanic, Chicana — or however you identify.” CPR’s May Ortega will host the program that will feature stories about the wide-ranging identities and experiences of members of Latino community.

“This podcast is helping to fill a void in discussing the Latinx experience that I have always hungered for,” said Ortega. “It gets personal in a different way; we’re celebrating the everyday things that tend to be overlooked, but matter a lot.”

“In 2021, we at CPR began discussing how public radio might better serve and connect with Latino audiences,” said Andrew Villegas, Editor. “We hosted wide-ranging conversations with young listeners and a recurring theme emerged: People wanted to hear about the lives and passions of Latinos, rather than clichéd stories about how we overcome adversity.”


  1. Quien are we? First of all, that’s gibberish. And the answer is: LATINO. Not Latin-xxxxx (an absurdly stupid term). Those who invented that moniker have zero understanding of the culture, nor of the foundations of Romance languages. It’s offensive to those it refers to, and it’s amazing how you lefties simply don’t get that.


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