Moose & Maggie Out at WFAN


Audacy announced late Thursday that the “Tiki & Tierney” show will take over the 10AM to 2PM slot on WFAN in New York City. The show moves over to WFAN from the CBS Sports Radio and will replace the Moose & Maggie show who’s contracts were up at the end of this year.

Tiki and Tierney have a perspective and sound that is tailor made for New York City and their addition will further solidify WFAN’s iconic position as the area’s most influential sports platform,” said Chris Oliviero, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Audacy New York. “Both are already very familiar to the FAN audience, so their voices joining “Boomer & Gio” and “Carton & Roberts” creates a powerful must listen to our weekday lineup for both listeners and advertisers.”


  1. Moose And Maggie were good,but they constantly talked over one another.Carton is a no talent clown and Evan deserves better. The classic FAN is history.

  2. One time I ran into boomer and carton at a restaurant when they had the morning show together. The restaurant was not crowded and I went over to say “Hi” they acted so pompous and arrogant rolling there eyes at me when I came over. Will never forget it. Not fans of either since that moment and barely listen much to the fan.

  3. Can’t listen to the WFAN anymore since they brought in that clown Carton.
    It’s all about his shtick and less sports talk.. unlistenable.

  4. The only thing worse than NY sports is NY sports radio. Trump supporting piece of garbage boomer and lame gio. Snooze fest tiki and Tierney and its all about me can’t talk sports carton spoiled Evans intelligence and maturity. God can’t believe I have to resort to ESPN. Thanks fan for destroying sports radio here in nyc

  5. The thing I really don’t understand is, why does it seem like in recent years the FAN is bending over backwards to try to emulate ESPN NY, when it’s been dominating that radio station for its entire existence. What’s always made the FAN More appealing to the local New Yorker is that you felt more connected to the personalities, that they were more real people and you had an emotional attachment to them. ESPN has always just been predicated around overhyped personalities, And some idiot at WFAN has latched onto this idea. Bart Scott is a perfect example, I’ve never heard one person actually say that they cared that this guy was on FAN. The average FAN Listener already had an emotional attachment to Chris carlin, and I think everybody agrees that Maggie Gray was one of the best personalities on the station, but all the FAN executives Cared about was trying to keep Bart Scott around and get him back to the station to pair with that slime ball Carton (I’ve had this opinion of Carton since the beginning, way before his gambling woes. I’ll never forget listening to Craig Carton interview Dwight Gooden and have nothing to say to him for 15 to 20 minutes except that his wife was hot. Also he is the only person in the entire sports media industry that can interview Jose Canseco, and when the interview is over, all you can think about is what a sleazeball the guy that’s interviewing him his). Getting rid of Maggie Gray really was an awful decision that I hope comes back to bite them. And latching onto these jerks like Craig Carton, who has turned Evan Roberts, once again one of the biggest emotional attachments that fan listeners actually have, into a pathetic Wannabe who is trying to fit in with a new group of friends. Terrible job at the FAN. If Boomer ever retires, you’ll have nothing left.

  6. Terrible. That was the only classic FAN show left. I always liked Moose, and Maggie was the only one worth a damn on CMB. Both voices will be missed. Craig Carton sucks and always has. Thanks to Craig, for the first time I actually started regularly listening to Michael Kay, and by extension, more of ESPN. I don’t even really love the show, it’s just that Craig is so one dimensional and stupid that it’s preferable. I do enjoy Boomer and Gio – I like Gio much better than Craig.

  7. Are you kidding me?????? Moose and Maggie are out..???? how disrespectful to do that so underhandedly…. and let me say that if you think Craig Carton is the savior …. you’re mistaken…. Evan Roberts is a completely different person with him….I loved Moose and Maggie for the balance…. I’ve been listening to the fan for msny years…. as woman…. I soo appreciated Maggie’s female addition snd her knowledge of sports and she and Moose were a great team… same on the Fan for making this a totally … ugly … MALE dominated station…. I’m done listening to the FAN!!!!!!!

    • Just because Maggie is a woman, does not mean she is worth the hire. Kim Jones, Danielle MacCartan, and Lori Rubenson are so much. Better Maggie’s horrible fake voice was annoying to listen to. She always sounded like she had cold while trying project a deeper voice.

      • I actually agree that Maggie’s voice was a little tough to take, but I got used to her and liked her. I didn’t like Moose or Cartin actually. Now as for Kim Jones, SHE’S THE BEST!!! I really wish she had a regular gig. One other person that I could listen to all day is, Richard Neer. Finally, I so miss the days of Miker 7 the Mad Dog

  8. I’m sad to hear that Moose and Maggie are no longer on the Fan. I liked Maggie’s perspective. I thought she was great! I’m giving their replacements a chance, but I’m not sure yet.
    Good luck Moose and Maggie!

  9. I gave them a chance but the show never came together because they never had chemistry. I think they each have talent and wish them success in the future in a different format that better suits them.

  10. Boomer and Gio show has become a dull bore. Gio has destroyed the show. He thinks he is special and funny when in fact, he is boring. The show sucks now.

  11. I have been listening to the FAN before it was the FAN, going back to the 1970’s when they followed Imus in The Morning on 1130AM. I always believed that it was great as sports talk was a fairly new product at that time. Icons like Francesa/Russo are gone. Captain midnight has retired. Benigno/Roberts were pretty damn good, but Benigno has retired. How does Carton get top billing on a show that Roberts worked on for 9 years? Carton’s a clown albeit a good clown. None-the-less, I really don’t need to hear him chewing food, talking about snacks and his producer’s significant other’s proclivity to bake snacks for the team. I prefer sports talk, especially from a sports talk station. I really enjoyed Moose/Maggie. Tiki/Tierney suck, for lack of a better word. I’ve listened to these two and I just don’t get it. Maybe the adverti$er$ like them. Hey, some people have to learn the hard way. I will be following Maggie around the dial because I believe she’s that good. And BTW, Carlin/Scott are pretty damn good too. I’ve already followed them down the dial. What I find almost funny is that CBS sports talk is operated by the same company, so I guess the laughs on me.

  12. It’s so sad to see Maggie go. I did not care too much for moose style. I guess some of us have godfathers.. cruel world

  13. I think the show overall wasn’t bad, very listenable. If Tiki is anything like his boring uneducated brother it’ll tank in a month and hopefully they’ll try to get moose and Maggie back. It’s amazing how they keep canceling good shows but some how they keep the biggest idiot in the world ( Jim Rome ) doing his stupid annoying clips that he’s wrong about 99% of the time. Can someone please cancel him.

  14. Ever notice how the AM show laughs at all Gio so called jokes or imitations.
    And why do we need those repeated updates telling listeners virtually the same garbage over and over again. I love when they say this person is in for Jerry for updates. Wow, so a different person with the same crap.

    • I agree 100% – i do NOT understand why anyone thinks GIO is funny? He sucks. He is a bore – he is a pompous ass – i hate when he trys to be funny and Boomer laughs hysterically – its an embarrassment – please WFAN – replace boring ass GIO

  15. My opinion:
    Can’t stand Gio, he acts like his elitist partner, Boomer. M&M was unlistenable, and i refuse to listen to Carton at all! Thank God for Spotify

    • Gio is awful – he is boring – he thinks he is funny but he is NOT. He is a pompous fool. Why they keep him i really dont know.

  16. Moose and Maggie did a very good show on my opinion. They talked about sports all the day not like afternoon drive where Carton is out of control. Going to miss them.

  17. I just never liked the moose and Maggie show giving an update guy like moose a talk show gig is worse than giving jerry recco a talk show host they need to stay behind the limelight

  18. Personally the one show I couldn’t stand as Moose and Maggie. Not a Tiki fan (big ego)but willing to listen to anyone but Maggie.

  19. Really? Unbelievable! You should get rid of that clown /jailbird Craig because he changed Evan, put Evan on from 10:00 to 2:00 and bring back Moose and Maggie for the evening drive!!!

    • That’s a great idea! Love Moose & Maggie, especially Maggie. Stopped listening to Evans when his partner retired because I can’t stand Carton being a clown al the time. It’s a sports station not a comedy routine. I like Boomer but the rest of hos show’s lineup is barely ok.

  20. It’s a shame there really is no sports talk radio in New York anymore it’s all about entertainment. Morning shows is good mix for today’s market. Carton belongs in the morning not replacing anyone at WFAN but his talent is best suited for morning drive not afternoon sports talk. Thats why I listen to mad dog live from 3 to 6 haven’t turned on ESPN radio in years

  21. Agree with all those who have had enough of WFAN. No reason to turn it on aside from the Yankees and Richard. Moose and Maggie was your best show, by a good margin.

    • I stopped listening to FAN altogether once they opted to bring Carton back. No morals. Got tired of Boomer’s ego in the morning, too. I could stand Joe and Evan, and The Schmoozer was always enjoyable. They’re so far removed from that now it seems, however.

  22. Are you kidding me????? ESPN here I come. Hate boomer and gio. Hate carton . Use to love Evan but he became an immature punk under cartons wing. Don’t even get me started about the ultra boring egotistical tiki barber.

  23. Ridiculous! Maggie & the Moose was the BEST show on that station. Tiki & Tierney are average at best. Sounds like the JETS, are now running TheFan.

  24. It’s all Maggie’s fault. Don’t you see the trend. Failed every time on the Fan. She’s just not a good sports host. Period end of story. Moose is great.

  25. The Fan is a shadow of it former glory,
    But Moose and Maggie was not a good fit. They had no chemistry . I’m looking forward to the new show .Hate morning show hate Craig .Put him back on morning and Bring Joe back with Evan .please

  26. Can’t stand Tiki or his Snooze fest brother Ronde’ few games on Sunday were OMG nap time with there play by play. He ripped Tom Coughlin and left 8 months pregnant wife for another woman. Listeners pay attention to these things morally Tiki is not top shelve like Moose and Maggie they are family based and that appeals to listeners in this time slot. Wish Moose and Maggie all the best!

  27. Stopped listening to morning and afternoon show.Now it’s time to move on to espn. I think the the fan management is out of touch with it’s long time listeners

    • Marc Malusis and Maggie Gray worked very well together. Both were sports knowlegeable, good natured, devoid of “know-it-all” egos, and respected their callers. They were a good bridge between Boomer and his crew and Carton and Roberts. Will miss them and wish them the best of luck moving forward.

      • First they being back than no good lying cheating pc of garbage Carton who should still still be in jail.
        Now they bring in Barber who walked out on his 8 month pregnant wife to jump into bed with some chick!
        I remember when WFAN was great now it is all crap!


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