The Listener Speaks


(By Gary Berkowitz) Have you noticed that we (radio people) can spend hours discussing and debating programming issues? Listeners, on the other hand, have no problem boiling it down to a few words to describe how they feel.

From the many focus groups and strategic research projects I get involved with, here are the most commonly mentioned subjects with female listeners, And the winners are….

On Advertising – “Why do radio station’s all play ads at the same time?”

On Music – ’Commercial Free Music’ is crap, they play ads for the station.” (this means no promos).

On Station Promos – “They’re ads!”

On Music – “Why don’t they tell us the names of the songs?”

On variety and unpredictability – “What I really like about (Jack) is that I don’t know what I am going to hear next.”

On advertising radio stations – “Word of mouth advertising is the best.”

On Traffic Reports – “Focus on the trouble spots, not the usual delays.”

On Mornings – “Don’t try and be funny or self-serving.”

On Contests – “The ones you can play along with (and not have to call in) are best.”

On Advertising – “Why don’t stations run different ads, not the same ones over and over?”

On Station Voice – “That station is automated”

I did not make these quotes up. They come right from listeners. Plain and straight. This list might make for a good conversation at your next programming meeting.

Gary Berkowitz specializes in ratings improvement for AC and Classic Hits radio stations. Gary can be reached at (248) 737-3727 or [email protected].




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