Special Slipper Search Podcast


They are one of the most iconic movie props in Hollywood history, Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers. Multiple pairs were made for The Wizard of Oz movie in 1939; and one of the surviving pairs disappeared from a museum for 13 years.

‘No Place Like Home’ from C13Originals, the Cadence13 podcast producer has put together an eight part original documentary podcast on the mysterious theft and equally mysterious return. Guests include: the owner of the stolen shoes and other Hollywood memorabilia collectors; Judy Garland’s son; Judy Garland historians and biographers; FBI agents, including an art crime specialist; and the woman who discovered the theft back in 2005.

“The Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland, and those ruby slippers mean so much to Hollywood, and to everyone who’s ever been touched by this iconic movie,” said Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Officer of Cadence13. “Combining this nostalgia with a classic real life heist story is an adventure that’s so unique and special, and C13Originals can’t wait to share it with fans around the world.”

The podcast launches June 15.


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