Here is Your Full List of 20201 Gracie Honoree’s

The Gracie Awards, presented by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation is proud to present the 2021 winners recognizing women in radio, television and digital medias both in front of and behind the microphone and camera in news and entertainment. The Gracies, in its 46th year, is the only recognition of women in media encompassing students alongside local and national programs and individuals.
“This is an important year for the Alliance for Women in Media as we celebrate our 70th Anniversary. We are recognizing trailblazers who are making a difference in how, and where stories are told,” said Heather Cohen, Chair, Alliance for Women in Media Foundation. “ The more these voices are heard and spotlighted, the more their opportunity to shape tomorrow for generations of women to come.:
This year’s winners in radio join the ranks of past Gracie Award winners including Angela Yee, Kelli Rasberry, Jillian Barberie and outstanding producers including Lisa Mantineo and Natalie Vacca.

Allison Keyes (Weekend Roundup)
CBS News Radio
Frontline – Special Report [Radio National]

Alzheimer’s in Color (Latino USA)
Futuro Media
Documentary [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]

Cami McCormick and Deborah Rodriguez (CBS World News Roundup)
CBS News Radio
Crisis Coverage [Radio – National Syndicated Commercial]

China’s Coronavirus Crisis (All Things Considered)
NPR (National Public Radio)
Crisis Coverage/Breaking News [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]

Danielle Monaro (Elvis Duran and the Morning Show)
iHeartMedia/Premiere Networks
Co-host [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Commercial]

DeDe McGuire (DeDe in the Morning)
Compass Media Networks / Service Broadcasting Group
Host/Personality [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Commercial]

Estelle (The Estelle Show)
Apple Music Radio
Host/Personality- Digital Streaming [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Commercial]

Hilary Kramer (Hilary Kramer’s Millionaire Maker)
Salem Media Group
Weekend Host / Personality- Talk Host [ Radio – Nationally Syndicated Commercial ]

Ina Jaffe (Morning Edition/Weekend Edition)
NPR (National Public Radio)
Reporter / Correspondent / Host [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]

Jessica Beck (Snapshots from Black America)
BBC Radio 4
Producer [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]

Jill Schlesinger (Jill on Money)
CBS News Radio
Talk Show [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Commercial]

Karen Travers (ABC News)
Outstanding News Anchor [ Radio – Nationally Syndicated Commercial ]

Lindsay Czarniak (Important Conversations with Lindsay Czarniak)
News Feature [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Commercial]

Lisa Abramowicz (Generation Interrupted)

Bloomberg LP
Special [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Commercial]

Lulu Garcia-Navarro & Peter Breslow (Weekend Edition Sunday)
NPR (National Public Radio)
Public Affairs [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]

Marla Gibbs: A Living Treasure (Café Mocha Radio)
Miles Ahead Broadcasting/Compass Media Networks
Interview Feature [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Commercial]

Noel King (How A Mother Protects Her Black Teenage Son From The World)
NPR (National Public Radio)
Interview Feature [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]

Reconciling History: The Ordeal of One Last Surviving “Sex Slave” of Wartime Philippines (Weekend Edition Sunday)
NPR (National Public Radio)
Investigative Feature [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]

Reema Khrais (This Is Uncomfortable)
Marketplace – American Public Media
News Feature [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]

Westwood One
Weekend Host / Personality- Music Host [ Radio – Nationally Syndicated Commercial ]

Stuck-At-Home Moms: The Pandemic’s Devastating Toll On Women (All Things Considered & Morning Edition)
NPR (National Public Radio)
Series [Radio – Nationally Syndicated Non-Commercial]

Victoria Balestrieri (Make Way – A Celebration of Women’s Basketball)
Producer – Talk [Radio Nationally Syndicated Commercial]


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