MPR Fires DJ Eric Malmberg


Two days after Minnesota Public Radio’s Marianne Combs quit her 23-year job, after accusing management of covering for a DJ at sister station The Current, that DJ Eric Malmberg was fired.

Malmberg has been the target of sexual misconduct allegations and Combs had written a story about the situation that she says management was sitting on. Combs said her MPR editors called the accused a real creep but said he had not done anything illegal and her story would have brought on a lawsuit. She said management at the public station show a lack of leadership.

Something happened following the Combs resignation that caused MPR President Duchesne Drew and his team to fire Malmberg. “MPR has made the decision that the audience of The Current is best served by a programmatic change. Our hosts have to be able to attract an audience that wants to listen to them and trusts them and over the last 36 hours those conditions have changed for Malmberg.”


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