New Interactive Programming Platform


Futuri and ReelWorld are partnering in the creation of a new interactive programming platform. Futuri is the creator of audience engagement software and ReelWorld is an imaging and sonic branding company.

Tether was created to aid programming teams in the creation of audience engagement elements using minimal resources. Futuri brings its interactive programming tech to the table while ReelWorld offers its audio production creativity resources.

“Tether is designed to make it easy to create meaningful connections with listeners and differentiate your station. Our goal in combining ReelWorld’s world-class audio production with Futuri’s innovative technology is to help our partner stations quickly create standout moments that deeply engage their audience on-air, online, and on socials,” said Daniel Anstandig, CEO, Futuri Media.

“We’ve been big fans of Daniel and Futuri for years. They know the tech, research and listener engagement side of radio better than anybody else out there, just like ReelWorld knows a thing or two about making amazing jingles, imaging and sonic branding,” said Mike Thomas, CEO, ReelWorld.


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