IAB Releases Updated Podcast Measurement Guidelines


IAB Tech Lab has officially released version 2.2 of its Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines, following a public comment period that concluded on March 23. These guidelines are the standardized approach to podcast content and ad measurement.

The updated v2.2 Guidelines introduce refined measures to enhance trust among media buyers by ensuring more precise and transparent reporting of podcast listening metrics. Key updates include requirements for measurement companies to document their methodologies for identifying and handling anomalies, such as unexpected spikes from single IP addresses.

The guidelines now explicitly address the need to filter out duplicate downloads from devices like the Apple Watch, which had previously been a point of ambiguity. This clarification ensures that downloads are not overcounted, providing a more accurate representation of actual listener numbers.

Tech Lab also maintains a Compliance Program, unique in its regular audits and verifications of companies adhering to these standards, ensuring ongoing reliability in podcast measurement. Companies must renew their certification annually, confirming their commitment to accurate measurement standards.

Originally developed in September 2016, the guidelines aimed to address inconsistencies in measurement practices among podcast publishers, which often led to discrepancies in data shared with advertisers. Given that podcasts are typically consumed via downloads rather than streaming, traditional metrics based on streaming data proved inadequate.

This necessitated a unique measurement strategy based on analyzing download logs from podcast hosting servers, which can vary significantly between providers.

The continuous improvement of these guidelines comes as IAB Tech Lab and the industry adapt to technological advancements and feedback from stakeholders.


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