Here’s The New iHeart Management Structure


The company says it will now group its markets by common needs and characteristics into four divisions. There will now be a Region Division, Metro Division, Community Division and Mult-Market Partnerships Division.

Here is the new structure of the iHeartMedia Markets Group, which will continue to be led by Greg Ashlock, President of the iHeartMedia Markets Group:

· The Region Division: The Region Division comprises the company’s largest markets, like New York and Los Angeles, that each reach hundreds of cities, communities, and trading areas for local businesses. The Region Division will be led by Division Presidents Kevin LeGrett and Scott Hopeck.
· The Metro Division: The Metro Division houses markets that are large areas that still encompass multiple communities – but are not regional hubs like the company’s largest markets. The Metro Division will be led by Division Presidents Tom McConnell, Tony Coles, and Linda Byrd.
· The Community Division: The Community Division includes markets that focus on the shared needs of one community and one trading area for most businesses and advertisers, and will also group markets into areas which are geographically close and culturally similar. The Community Division will be led by Division Presidents Shosh Abromovich, Nick Gnau, and Dan Lankford.
· Additionally, the company is creating a new division that cuts across all markets — the Multi-Market Partnerships Division headed by Julie Donohue, who is elevated to President of MMP.

As part of this change, the company’s Integrated Revenue Strategies group, led by President Hartley Adkins, will be merged into the iHeartMedia Markets Group and Adkins will become Chief Operating Officer of the Markets Group, working closely with Greg Ashlock.



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