What If Consumers Could Pause Live Radio?


We live in an on-demand media consumption world. Whether it’s Netflix on Television or Podcasts for audio, consumers want to watch and listen to their favorite shows during times that are convenient to them, not the content producer. Media companies that deliver that experience are winning the day. Entercom understands that philosophy and is easing the Radio.com app. into that category.

Entercom has launched Radio.com REWIND, which will allow listeners to the app to pause and rewind live radio. The feature automatically records the broadcast and makes it easy for the user to navigate to their favorite show and begin listening at any point of the broadcast. The new feature will roll out on some of Entercom’s sports, news and talk stations with more shows added over time.

Entercom Chief Digital Officer J.D. Crowley: “As a leader in audio, we are thrilled to introduce innovative technology that will transform the way audiences consume and engage with broadcast radio by reimaging it for a digital environment. Radio.com REWIND provides a best-in-class listening experience by delivering the premier news, talk and sports audio content our audience wants, whenever and however they want it.”


  1. Let’s, for a moment, presume the technology will be universally available soon enough.
    What, then, can radio do about that?
    While a bit of stretch, given the reluctance of the industry to move in this direction, radio could make the spots more interesting, perhaps entertaining, but certainly more palatable.
    Again – a stretch.

  2. The music industry’s greatest nightmare, prohibited by the digital millennium copyright act, which is why the function is only available for news, talk, and sports.

  3. We can already do that. Our 2018 Toyota Tacoma has a feature in it that let’s us do that. I never saw that before, and in my 2019 Toyota Camry it’s not there. But it works fine…and I don’t need to connect to the web.


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