Meet Radio’s Top Sales Leader Of 2019


Amy Kehrmeyer-Moore is the General Sales Manager for Momentum Broadcasting. Last month in Dallas, Kehrmeyer-Moore won our Radio Wayne award for Director of Sales/General Sales Manager of the Year. Let’s take a closer look at how she took home the trophy as the best D.O.S./GSM of 2019.

Radio Ink: What were you thinking when your name was called in Dallas when you won?
Amy Kehrmeyer-Moore: I was honored just be a finalist. When I received the email stating that I won, I was in disbelief. I had to reread it a few times to make sure it was correct. I was overwhelmed with emotion and broke down in tears. It was validation for my 30-plus years in this business.

Radio Ink: Tell us about the relationships you have with your sellers and sales managers, and why they respond to your leadership?
Amy Kehrmeyer-Moore: I sold alongside of most of my reps before I was promoted to my position. They know I want them to be successful and I will do whatever I can to help them. I get just as excited when they close business as they do. I try to make the environment a fun place to be so that everyone loves coming to work. Our team has one common goal and that is to have happy customers, reach budget, and the reward/money follows in form of their paycheck.

Radio Ink: How has selling radio changed over the years you’ve been a manager and what MUST a seller know to succeed today?
Amy Kehrmeyer-Moore: From my experience in sales/management for the past 30 years, yes things have changed, but many things have stayed the same. To be successful yesterday, today, and in the future you must embody an attitude of “Clients for Life.”  Businesses don’t like to deal with a different sales rep every six months. Show your clients you aren’t going anywhere, and that you are there to help their business grow. Bring them ideas that would benefit their business. Talk to them about their other media and help guide them with decision making. Become a partner in their success. I was always offended when I was called a salesperson, because I thought of myself as more of a consultant. I encourage my reps to have the same attitude.

Radio Ink: How do you stay sharp and how do you keep the people you lead educated in a world where things change so quickly and advertisers are bombarded with so many salespeople every day?
Amy Kehrmeyer-Moore: Staying sharp is easy, follow the trade magazines/online, read publications from RAB,  do seminars, know your competition’s strengths and weaknesses, and always keep your eyes and ears open to all the media on a daily basis that surrounds you. Stand out among your competition by developing strong relationships with your clients. Work harder for them than anyone else will. Make sure you know your clients personality type and cater your approach to that. What does your team do to educate clients that radio works?

We have weekly sales meetings and everyone shares their client/event success stories from that week. These successes are shared with prospective clients. We also use success stories from RAB. My reps work closely with their clients to make sure they are running the correct frequency, on the station with the correct target, and have a great commercial message. They then follow up weekly/bi-weekly to make sure the client is seeing results.

Radio Ink: What advice do you have for other sales managers across the country so one day they might walk up those steps and win a Radio Wayne?
Amy Kehrmeyer-Moore: Simple answer: value your clients and listeners, be consistent and reliable, be persistent, have determination, and most important, love and be proud of the radio business you represent.

Congratulate Amy for her Radio Wayne award win at [email protected]


  1. “Offended to be called a salesperson.”

    How offensive. Nothing happens at any company without the sales department. It’s not the “consultant” department.

    • We are the sales department, BUT with that being said, we also consult are clients and bring them ideals
      on how to grow there business. I don’t think she meant anything bad by her response. Face it, she’s got thirty years plus in the business she must be doing something right.

  2. I wish this article would tell readers what market this award winner has been working in and on what stations. The corporate name means nothing.


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