Saga Employee Celebrates 50 Years With Station


Because “I just love radio.” That’s what WHMP-FM Massachusetts Traffic Manager Barbara Kuschka told The Daily Hampshire Gazette when writer Dusty Christensen asked her why she never left the radio station.

Kuschka started working at WHMP as a senior in high school.

WHMP GM Dave Musante told the paper that despite being the person who makes sure the place runs well, Kuschka has never sought the spotlight. And former GM Rick Heideman added that Kuschka is the person that holds the radio chaos in check.

This week the WHMP studio was named after Kuschka to honor her for her 50 years of work. Since 1969 she has been the glue holding the station together.

It’s not often we get to celebrate a traffic manager. Those of us who have worked in radio – and those of you who still do – know how vital that person is to successful operation of every radio station out there.

Kudos to you Barbara!

Read the article HERE.


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